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Double - The Captain Of Her Heart (Official Video)

But when the Royals came in sight, with theirbrass-drums beating and fixed bayonets gleaming bright andkeen in the cold winter sun, and deployed from theline of march with coolness and confidence intocompanies for attack, after exchanging a few shots, therebels lost all heart, and fled, with the loss of theircannon, which Roland captured at the head of hiscompany, sword in hand, together with twenty-five prisoners,and then rescued his captain, a brave fellow, who inthe first advance got entangled among the branches ofthe abatis and ran thus the serious risk of being shotdown helpless; and for all this, Roland was elaboratelyand honourably mentioned in Colonel Wetherall's dispatchto Sir John Colborne.

Double - The Captain Of Her Heart (Official Video)

In his absence the savages were encouraged to attackthe ship in their war-canoes; but were repulsed by asharp musketry-fire opened upon them by the remainderof the crew, who, losing heart by the protracted absenceof the captain, quitted his fatal harbour, and sailed forthe Thames, which they reached in safety. 041b061a72

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