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Meet Me - Erin Dolan

Health Coach & Type 1 Diabetic

My Diabetes Journey

Diabetes is part of who I am, and it has encouraged me to go after ambitious goals and crazy adventures. From growing up in sunny Florida to living on the west coast of Ireland, it’s been a winding road.


I developed type 1 diabetes at age 10 and my dad thought it was because of my new perm. My first reaction was, "insulin shots with needles – ahh, and what am I going to tell my friends?!" All of a sudden, I was different and had no idea how diabetes was going to impact my life. 

A turning point came when I joined a bicycling diabetes camp where I felt normal for the first time among other diabetics. This experience gave me a much-needed boost of confidence. Little did I know that riding a bike would lead me to cycle over 4,000 km through Central America.

When I attended university at age 18, I wanted to have fun without the worries of my diabetes. I tried to forget about diabetes and hide it from others, but I put my health at risk. Thankfully, diabetes support groups and new technology helped to normalise my diabetes.


I loved travelling, and my first adventure started in Australia. I realised that diabetes is a worldwide disease and that there is a diabetes support network everywhere. This experience encouraged me to travel through Europe and Asia, along with getting my Master’s degree in England. I didn’t stop there. 


I took on more significant challenges that tested my body and diabetes from running a marathon and racing in triathlons to cycling over the continental divide and becoming a mother of two. There was no support vehicle by my side during these events. It was all done by me, my belief and acceptance of diabetes in my life. Of course my family, friends and husband have been my cheerleading team.

I’ve been able to overcome the struggles of diabetes and learn to make health and happiness my priority. And that is why I decided to become a diabetes health coach - to share my story with others and fulfil my passion for working with diabetics.


Check out my blog for stories, diabetic recipes and me being me.

It's time to embrace your diabetes!

As your diabetes health coach, I will help you find confidence to self-manage your diabetes in a positive way. Take the first step and book an introductory consultation.

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