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Cybercop Scanner Download

Cybercop Scanner Download

Cybercop Scanner is a network vulnerability scanner that can help you identify and fix security holes in your network devices, protocols, and applications. It is developed by Network Associates, Inc. (NAI), a leading provider of network security solutions. Cybercop Scanner is part of the Cybercop Intrusion Protection Suite, which also includes Cybercop Monitor, a real-time intrusion detection system, and Cybercop Sting, a decoy server that tracks and traces hackers.


Cybercop Scanner has many features that make it a powerful and flexible tool for network security auditing, such as:

  • Rapid Scan Architecture: It uses Microsoft's 32-bit multi-threaded architecture for improved scanning speed and bandwidth control. It can scan up to 100 hosts simultaneously.

  • OS Fingerprint Detection: It identifies the operating system type of hosts on a network and disables irrelevant modules to increase scanning efficiency. It also allows for specific group audits of devices by OS.

  • Scanning Templates: It lets you create and save different scan configurations for multiple engagements.

  • Firewall Auditing Analysis: It performs comprehensive firewall checks that verify access control, password, packet, protocol, and port usage on firewalls and other packet filtering devices to enhance perimeter security.

  • Flexible Licensing: It offers various licensing options for both security professionals who provide auditing services for multiple clients and network administrators whose networks grow and change daily.

  • New Reporting and Redesigned Interface: It provides easier management, customization, and presentation of scan results.

  • Custom Scripting Capability: It allows you to create custom scanning tests for any IP device or protocol using the CASL Custom Scripting Toolkit.

  • AutoFix Technology: It enables you to repair security holes discovered during an audit with a single click.

If you want to download Cybercop Scanner, you can visit the official website of Network Associates, Inc. [here]. You can also find more information about the product, such as user guides, technical support, and FAQs [here]. You can also read some reviews and articles about Cybercop Scanner [here], [here], and [here].

Cybercop Scanner is a valuable tool for network security professionals and administrators who want to keep their networks safe from hackers and intruders. By downloading and using Cybercop Scanner, you can improve your network security posture and protect your valuable data and assets.


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