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Need For Speed Most Wanted Cheats Mac Os X

Brian HoltI think you should know that designers aren't dumb, like, I don't know, like, I feel like you should other designers have the capacity to understand technical constraints. And I would assume that of any any competent designer. And I would also just, you know, again, ask questions is my biggest thing with process because, you know, you may be thinking that, you know, this crazy side nav thing that we're doing is just for Lux, there might actually be a user experience application there as to why we want to implement something a specific way. So the best thing, the best developers that I've been partners with has asked questions, instead of just assuming that we're just being ridiculous designers or whatever, you know what I mean. So I think I think that's really important. I also think it's important to know that like, it takes time to develop good design and good design patterns. And I think that typically are not typically I mean, I think that developers can be pretty impatient with designers and just get it done. Because it's binary. You know, and, and it actually, like most of design work is thinking through something, when you can be a part of that thinking, that's the other thing. Like, you can ask a designer, like, Hey, can we jump in a room and like whiteboard through this user experience? So that I know that we're on the same page? That's a really good tool? Yeah, I mean, understanding that it takes time, but also understanding that it's a partnership, and that, just as you know, designers need to compromise. So shit does I mean, it's, again, I guess that's the definition of partnerships. I don't have to say that too often. But collaborating with designers. Yes. Good conversation, good communication in terms of like, Hey, I could give you this feature. But it would take me two extra weeks, what's more important to you, as the designer that I think that's a really good tool, in terms of scoping, scoping a project to,

Brian HoltI think deprecation is really important. So web fonts are great. But if they don't load what happens, I think that's the important thing. I think that things should always degrade gracefully. So that's my main priority. Again, I think typography is beautiful. But I, I always try to prioritize usability over visual pleasure essentially. Sounds like way too, like sauce for this. But I think that that's important, you know, web fonts are getting to the point where they're actually pretty performant. Now, I remember that back in the day, when like, you would still get like the major flash on your screen. One thing that as designers, I think we need to get a little more familiar with NSF is is that not everyone has the connection speed and the rate that we have, or the bandwidth that we have. I spent some time in East Africa, where the connections are actually like really unreliable. And so they they don't they can't download those massive fucking font files. And so that shouldn't stop them from from shipping and pull requests, right? So again, comes down to compromise. It comes down to usability, but it also comes down to considering people who you know, aren't don't live in San Francisco, and maybe don't have the strongest internet connections and can't really download massive packages over the web. So sounds


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