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Besides basic security, other important considerations for remote learning software include short setup time, ease of use, and the ability for users to create their own custom configuration. Tools like Netop Vision Pro do not require additional software, like Firefox, so setup is very quick and easy. The program is available to schools regardless of their size or type.

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Netop has also developed a viewer that allows the remote computer to be controlled with the users normal keyboard or mouse. To me the idea is simple; students are less likely to interact with the computer if they do not control it. Rather than thinking about technology and the difficulty of use, let students simply work with what works for them. Any program that adds complexity can add to that effort.

Netop has also built in social sharing features, to provide educators with a more seamless experience. Once school administrators have setup the system, they can create class profiles, which they can assign to specific class sections. Students can then see the teachers that are available to them and the classes that they can attend. Further, they can receive alerts if the teacher's console is not working, or if the console is about to run out of energy. Netop already has teachers making good use of this functionality. Two teachers working together received the same alert when one ran out of energy.

Netop Vision Pro is an ideal application for any large school or district with a need for remote PC monitoring. With the Remote Application Tracker, you can use the Vision Pro software to distinguish between application launch traffic from a device versus a user's device when tracking a student's computer usage.


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