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Diabetes Boss - Own Your Diabetes Journey

  • 60Days
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Are you ready to take control of your diabetes journey and live life on your terms? 👋 Say hello to the Diabetes Boss Programme, where empowerment meets coaching to help you thrive with diabetes. 💪👑 Here's what you can expect from my interactive online programme: ✨Confidence Building: We’ll cover a range of topics designed to empower you, including self-management strategies, stress management techniques, self-acceptance tips, and goal setting. With interactive worksheets, you'll discover your strengths, visualise your life with diabetes, and learn how to glow with confidence. ✨Wellbeing and Emotional Barriers: I understand the emotional challenges that come with managing diabetes. This programme provides strategies to overcome emotional barriers, build resilience, and build a positive growth mindset, allowing you to navigate your journey with confidence and peace of mind. ✨Balancing Blood Glucose: Say goodbye to the glucose rollercoaster! My programme equips you with the knowledge and tools to manage your glucose levels effectively. Learn about carbs and how to incorporate them without spikes, gain flexible eating strategies, decipher food labels, understand the impact of exercise on diabetes, and gain valuable insights into managing stress to keep your levels stable. ✨Interactive Learning: Get ready for an engaging learning experience with interactive worksheets and resources. From creating personalised exercise plans to exploring delicious diabetes-friendly recipes - practical tools to support your journey. ✨Weekly Check-Ins: Stay connected and supported every step of the way with weekly check-ins, 2 Live group coaching calls, discussions through a private group, and email support throughout the entire programme. Join this empowering journey to embrace your diabetes, live confidently, and take charge of your health. With the Diabetes Boss Programme, the power is in your hands to thrive with diabetes and shine bright every step of the way. 💙✨



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Be the boss of your diabetes!

Be the boss of your diabetes!

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