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James Brooks
James Brooks

Firebird Maestro Professional V1

Kramer the original Made to Rock Hard guitar brand is back, shredding all rules and boundaries with new energy, guitar collections and artist collaborations. The Kramer Original and Modern Collections span entry-level and intermediate guitars to professional offerings across our entire line, including the USA assembled Custom Graphic Collection, which is hand-painted by legendary Kramer graphic artists.

Firebird Maestro Professional V1

SEQUEL for PostgreSQL is a professional DB administration and management tool, with extremely intuitive and feature-rich GUI that makes it the best assistant tool for developers and admins. SEQUEL is lightweight, fast and powerful that it can significantly simplify the DB management process. For those who cannot live without a CLI, SEQUEL offers a powerful Query Editor with syntax highlight, autocomplete and a Console log view that is always visible, so you can monitor the communication with your databases. It includes:

Navicat is a powerful PostgreSQL Database Server administration and development tool. It works with PostgreSQL 8.0 version or above and supports most of the PostgreSQL features including Trigger, Function, View, Manage User, and so on. It is also not only sophisticated enough for professional developers, but also easy to learn for new users. With its well-designed GUI, Navicat lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and share information in a secure and easy way.

Firebird PHP Generator lets you quickly build a website from your database without any programming. The created web application allows authorized users to view, edit, add, and delete database records.Powerful User-friendlyFirebird PHP Generator is a high-quality PHP website builder with GUI front-end for rapid web application developmentClear in useEven a newbie can build a database driven website with the PHP script generatorFull customization of the result HTML appearancePossibility to select PHP website templates and apply your own designFull customization of the result scriptThe PHP code generator provides you with all the powerful features you would expect from a professional web database applicationImplemented lookup optionsFirebird PHP Generator supports foreign key constraints and the automatic creation of look up menusScript localizationYou can instantly develop multilingual web applications with Firebird PHP GeneratorAdvanced security featuresUse Firebird PHP Generator to convert your Firebird databases into a working web application with login-protected user accessLatest Firebird server versions supportFirebird PHP Generator supports all the latest versions of Firebird serverWizard ProjectsUse wizard projects to make your work with Firebird PHP Generator even easierFully customizable appearance and functionalityFirebird PHP Generator admits to full customization performed by users

Here at Peach Guitars we aim to deliver the very best customer satisfaction. From meticulously inspecting each instrument, professionally setting up each guitar and delivering the best after-sales customer service, our team will make you feel welcome and offer genuine, professional advice.

With a professional setup and careful packing for each online sale, and with an industry leading standard with our Photography and YouTube channel, Peach offer the most comprehensive guitar service around! 350c69d7ab


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