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Activation Code Auriculo 3d

How to Activate Auriculo 3D Software

Auriculo 3D is a legacy software that allows you to practice auriculotherapy, a technique of using points on the external ear to treat pain and medical conditions of the body. Auriculo 3D was discontinued in 2021 and replaced by Auriculo 360, a more modern and comprehensive auriculotherapy reference app. However, if you still have Auriculo 3D installed on your computer, you may need to activate it with a code to use its full features.

Where to Find the Activation Code

If you purchased Auriculo 3D from the official website, you should have received an email with your activation code. The email should look something like this:

Activation Code Auriculo 3d

Subject: Auriculo 3D Activation Code From: To: Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing Auriculo 3D software. Your activation code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Please follow the instructions below to activate your software. Sincerely, Miridia Technology Support Team

If you cannot find the email, you can contact the support team at and provide them with your order number or email address. They will resend you the activation code.

How to Activate the Software

To activate Auriculo 3D software, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch Auriculo 3D on your computer.

  • Click on the "Help" menu and select "Register".

  • A window will pop up asking you to enter your activation code.

  • Copy and paste the activation code from the email into the text box.

  • Click on the "Activate" button.

  • A message will appear confirming that your software has been activated.

  • Click on the "OK" button and enjoy using Auriculo 3D.

If you encounter any problems during the activation process, you can visit the [Auriculo 3D Registration] page for more information or contact the support team at for assistance.

Why Upgrade to Auriculo 360

While Auriculo 3D is still functional, it has some limitations and drawbacks that make it obsolete compared to Auriculo 360. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to Auriculo 360:

  • Auriculo 360 is a multi-platform app that works on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. You can access it anytime and anywhere, and sync your data across all your devices.

  • Auriculo 360 has a fully interactive 3D ear model that lets you rotate, zoom, and explore every point and protocol in detail. You can also overlay the frequency zones (Nogier or laser) on the ear for better treatment insight.

  • Auriculo 360 has more than 300 points and 180 protocols, covering a wide range of conditions and ailments. You can also create your own custom protocols and share them with other users.

  • Auriculo 360 is constantly updated with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. You can always enjoy the latest version of the software without worrying about compatibility issues or outdated information.

If you are interested in upgrading to Auriculo 360, you can visit the [Auriculo 360] website for more information or contact the sales team at for a special offer.


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