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Good Man !!INSTALL!!

Women outnumber men in all but 10 states in the US. Not only are you competing to find a man, but also one of good caliber. I don't mean to sound like a party pooper, but I know you know from experience that a good man is hard to find. You'll probably encounter a lot of toxic guys before meeting a high-quality man.

Good Man

Using your personal dating standards as a guide will help you find someone with the qualities of a good man and who is husband material. Creating boundaries also helps you to establish a healthy, supportive relationship instead of one filled with drama.

There was a guy who tried to engage me in a push-pull, let-us-see-where-this-goes relationship. I called him out on his BS and assured him that I knew I deserved better. Looking back, he had zero of these 21 qualities of a good man.

Another one of the qualities of a good man is leaning towards commitment. He's not the type to string you along. In fact, he'll show and tell you earlier on in the dating phase that he's interested in exclusivity and a future with you.

He's a keeper if he is kind by nature and wired for love. Kindness and authentic love usually go together and are non-negotiable qualities of a good man. Ensure you do a kindness and compassion test on him. By that, I mean observing how he treats everyone else.

Thank your lucky stars if you're seeing a guy who actively listens to you, makes eye contact, doesn't interrupt, and doesn't dismiss your opinions. As a good communicator, he will respond after choosing the right words and provide validation. His attentiveness is a sign that he's connected and values you, your thoughts, as well as your feelings.

You struck gold if you found a trustworthy guy. Trustworthiness is at the top of my list of qualities of a good man, particularly because it encompasses so many traits that speak to a man's honesty and overall moral integrity.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you're in luck. Over 50% of the population is secure attachment types. I've had the good fortune of marrying a secure man. They're not perfect but come with a long list of amazing qualities that overshadow their shortcomings.

A good man is confident in himself and will acknowledge his mistakes, instead of lying, denying, defending, or blaming you. People with narcissistic tendencies are known for pathological lying and blame-shifting to avoid accountability. They use gas lighting tactics to abuse you emotionally and make you question your own reality.

A faithful man is a man whose loyalty doesn't waver toward you. In the good or the bad, a good man makes choices with your best interest in mind. He considers how his decisions affect you and how others will view you because of his choices.

A good man is a dependable man that you can rely on to do what he says when he says he will do it. No one wants to make a date with a guy who doesn't show up because he forgot or simply didn't make you a priority.

A good man is not just a man who makes you laugh but finds great joy in making you smile when you don't feel like it. For example, he is witty enough to put on music and sing with a hideous voice just to improve your mood.

However, Derrick, devoted to making the home a safe space and peaceful environment, uses his humor to make Megan laugh and relieve much of her stress from the day. After good laughs, the two talk about their day calmly and reasonably.

Like being kind and loving, a good man tends to be very romantic. He consistently thinks of ways to express himself in a relationship that shows the magnitude of his affection for his partner.

A good man is a generous and giving one. He always thinks of blessing others, and in many circumstances, he makes others' needs a priority. For example, Eric is a single guy who makes a good living as a carpenter.

Good men have a moral standard they seek to uphold, no matter the circumstances. You also know a man is good when he will carefully uphold the standards of his faith and treat you, his family, and others well.

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I think a big part of the problem blurring this line is that many people aren't even quite sure what a healthy relationship looks like these days or how a "good man" (or woman) should act towards their partner. To help clarify, I have put together this list of how a good man should act while in a relationship.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with people who tell me that there is no affection in their relationship. The man in their life does not make them feel loved, wanted or appreciated. This is a profoundly important piece of the puzzle -- a good man will always remind you how much you mean to him.

Regardless of whether you want to go back to school after 20 years to get your Master's degree, start a singing career or stay at home to raise a family, a good man will always support you and what you want out of your life. He will never discourage you or make you feel as though you can't do what you set out to do. He will be beside you every step of the way, cheering on your victories and comforting you during your defeats.

This goes one step beyond supporting you, which can be more passive. To inspire someone takes effort both in how one lives their own life and how they encourage others to live theirs. A good man's drive and ambition will rub off on you as he pursues his own passions.

A good man will want you to be comfortable and confident in your relationship. The very cornerstone of this is being able to trust someone, and he will realize that. Without trust, there is no foundation for love or respect.

A good man will understand that whether you are in your sweatpants on the couch or in your evening gown heading to a gala, when you love someone for who they truly are, everything about them becomes beautiful.

It is natural to have disagreements and even arguments in a relationship, but there is no reason to make things personal, become insulting and never, ever to become abusive. A good man will remain calm and focus on the topic at hand.

Whether it be learning new things, developing a new skill set, reading a new book or watching a documentary, a good man who prides himself on continuous self improvement will always be intellectually challenging you and keeping your attention. He will be doing these things for himself, but the added benefit will be the positive impact it has on your relationship.

It can be difficult for some people to express their emotions, fears and even inner-most desires, but having the right person in our lives often helps to open those doors. A good man, while understanding of course that some things are to be kept private, will not hide things from you or bottle up his feelings, knowing that doing so will cause tension and frustration.

Comfort in a relationship (the good kind, not the kind that makes you stop trying) comes from the ability to be open and honest with your partner -- and the ability to do this comes from knowing you will never be judged. A good man will encourage you to open up and share your feelings with him. There should never be any fear of him flying off the handle or overreacting if you share something with him.

Perhaps the most important point of all. Whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically, a good man will never even think about being abusive towards you or harmful in any way. If this happens to you, please have the courage and respect for yourself in order to talk to someone or walk away immediately. No good person would ever act like this, and it will not get better on its own.

When a man commits his love and his time to someone, there are no stipulations or circumstances required. There will be good times and there will be not-so-good times. There will be challenges and unexpected situations that arise. But he will stay by your side and be your teammate through it all.

In the era of politics that we find ourselves in now, where capitalistic gain and political connections are everything, that man from Plains, Ga., could never win. That may be a good thing, considering his performance in office, but I believe we should have a system in place that uplifts good people like Jimmy Carter to succeed when they are in office. 041b061a72


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