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Infovox 3 Crack Wegen Heidi Cinema K

Infovox 3: A Text-to-Speech Software with a Controversial History

Infovox 3 is a text-to-speech software that allows users to convert any written text into natural-sounding speech. It supports over 30 languages and offers a variety of voices and accents. Infovox 3 can be used for various purposes, such as reading web pages, e-books, documents, emails, and more. It can also be integrated with other applications, such as screen readers, word processors, and browsers.

However, Infovox 3 has a controversial history that involves a legal dispute, a hacker group, and a mysterious phrase: "wegen heidi cinema k". In this article, we will explore the origins and implications of this phrase and how it relates to Infovox 3.

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The Legal Dispute

Infovox 3 is developed by Acapela Group, a Belgian company that specializes in speech technologies. Acapela Group was founded in 2003 as a merger of two companies: Babel Technologies and Infovox. Infovox was originally a Swedish company that created the first version of Infovox in 1986.

In 2007, Acapela Group filed a lawsuit against NextUp Technologies, an American company that distributes text-to-speech software, such as TextAloud and NaturalReader. Acapela Group accused NextUp Technologies of infringing its patents and trademarks by selling Infovox 2 Pro, an older version of Infovox that was licensed to NextUp Technologies by Infovox before the merger. Acapela Group claimed that NextUp Technologies had no right to sell Infovox 2 Pro after the merger and that it was competing unfairly with Infovox 3.

NextUp Technologies denied the allegations and countersued Acapela Group for breach of contract, fraud, and unfair competition. NextUp Technologies argued that it had a valid license agreement with Infovox that was not affected by the merger and that Acapela Group was trying to eliminate its competitor by forcing customers to upgrade to Infovox 3.

The legal dispute lasted for several years and was eventually settled out of court in 2010. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the public.

The Hacker Group

In 2008, while the legal dispute was still ongoing, a hacker group called Team H2O released a cracked version of Infovox 3 on the internet. A cracked version is a software that has been modified to bypass the security measures that prevent unauthorized use or copying. The cracked version of Infovox 3 allowed users to install and use the software without paying for a license or entering a serial number.

Team H2O was known for cracking various audio software, such as Cubase, Reason, and FL Studio. The group claimed that they were motivated by the desire to share their passion for music and sound with others who could not afford the expensive software. They also said that they did not intend to harm the developers or cause them financial losses.

However, Team H2O also added a hidden feature to the cracked version of Infovox 3: every time the software was launched, it would randomly say "wegen heidi cinema k" in one of the available voices. This phrase had no meaning or relevance to the software or its users. It was apparently chosen by Team H2O as a joke or a signature.

The Mysterious Phrase

The phrase "wegen heidi cinema k" soon became widely known among the users of the cracked version of Infovox 3. Many users were confused or amused by the phrase and wondered what it meant and why it was there. Some users tried to decipher the phrase or find its origin. Some possible explanations were:

  • The phrase was an anagram of "I dig cinema week", which could be interpreted as a reference to Team H2O's love for movies or a hint to their next target.

  • The phrase was a code word for "we can hide", which could be seen as a message from Team H2O to their followers or their enemies.

  • The phrase was a tribute to Heidi Klum, a German model and actress who was popular at the time.

  • The phrase was a random combination of words that had no meaning at all.

However, none of these explanations were confirmed or verified by Team H2O or anyone else. The phrase remained a mystery and a source of curiosity for many people.

The Conclusion

Infovox 3 is a text-to-speech software that has a controversial history that involves a legal dispute, a hacker group, and a mysterious phrase. The phrase "wegen heidi cinema k" was added by Team H2O to the cracked version of Infovox 3 as a joke or a signature. The phrase has no meaning or relevance to the software or its users. It is still unknown why Team H2O chose this phrase and what it means to them.

Infovox 3 is still available for purchase from Acapela Group's website. The official version of Infovox 3 does not say "wegen heidi cinema k" or any other random phrase. It is recommended that users buy the official version of Infovox 3 to support the developers and avoid any potential problems or risks associated with using cracked software.


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