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Serge Gainsbourg Best Of Rar

Serge Gainsbourg "Du Jazz Dans De Ravin" (Mercury, 1996) Can the French do the lounge lizard thing? Well, sure, why not -- after all, didn't they invent the cabaret? This is one of three thematically-drawn collections that came out in 1996 that are, I think, perhaps the best introductions to Gainsbourg's work. Much of this jazz-tinged material is extremely goofy, but charmingly so. This collection draws heavily on early LPs such as Confidentiel and Gainsbourg Percussions, as well as a slew of singles and soundtracks. Well worth checking out.

Serge Gainsbourg Best Of Rar


Charlotte Gainsbourg "Lemon Incest" (Phonogram, 1984) Ever the provocateur, in the early 1980s Serge Gainsbourg turned his Svengali-like attentions towards his daughter, Charlotte, producing this scandal-seeking pop album. It features, of course, the title track, an incest-tinged father-daughter duet, as well as several other similarly-themed songs. Charlotte, who has become one of the best-known modern French actresses, is also perfect in the role of coo-ing pop chanteuse. The arrangements are generally pretty good (a bit drippy in places, but mostly solid and concise...) Definitely worth checking out, even if the transgressive undertones are a bit icky, and gimmicky.

Thank you so much for these Emmanuelle movie soundtracks! They are one of the best 70's soundtracks! Highly appreciated!BTW I am looking since ages for the Airport 75 soundtrack, because buying the Japanese version is almost impossible due to the high price!

We do have a cruise this month w/ Skynrd and lots of other great bands. We were asked to play by management so we happily agreed to do it. Who doesn't want to cruise to the Bahamas w/ some of the best southern rock bands in the country.

In 2009, at the request of legendary guitarist Johnny Winter, Tom created the liner notes for Johnny's latest release "Vol. 4 - The Bootleg Series." Tom has subsequently written liner notes for other Johnny Winter albums as well. In August 2009, Mambo Sons released a 20 song double album entitled "Heavy Days". In early 2010, Cleveland's "Rock and Roll Report" named "Heavy Days" the best straight ahead rock and roll recording of the year. The band has a large cult following in the Northeast United States as well as a substantial fan base throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.

Where can fans buy it?Folks can buy it at all the regular places they buy music, iTunes,, ebay, etc., but it is best if they buy it from the artist himself (laughs), at where you can also hear free samples.

Another year has passed and what do I have to show for it? A whole bunch of great music if nothing else. Like last year, I've picked 40 of my favorites from the past 12 months and ranked them as best as I could, though I did a lot of juggling below the Top 10 right up until writing this. Your mileage may, and probably does, vary but I hope that you find something you didn't know about on this list. My Best of 2019 list goes in ascending order, be warned.

3. Robert Forster - InfernoForty years into his career, the former Go-Between makes his best-ever solo record that also rivals the highs of his old band. May we all age so gracefully.

16. Ladytron - LadytronThe icy synthpop quartet returned after seven years with their best record since Witching Hour. Like a bullet train through a snowstorm, this is the Ladytron you remember.

22. Rocketship - Thanks to YouWest Coast indiepop cult group Rocketship re-emerged out of nowhere with their first album in 13 years. Blending shoegaze, jazzy indiepop and electronic beats and drones, it's the biggest, best surprise of 2019.

26. Sacred Paws - Run Around the SunAs much as I like Shopping and Trash Kit, for me Sacred Paws is Rachel Aggs' best band. Run Around the Sun is joyous, danceable indie rock with a dose of Ghana High Life that you will have to work hard to dislike.

37. Metronomy - Metronomy ForeverMetronomy let it all hang out -- dancepop, indie guitar rock, twisted instrumentals, ridiculous songs about sex emojis -- on their best, most fun record since The English Riviera.

Description: In Venice, forty-old-year old Serge Fabergé has just been given the best advertisement director award. While taking a walk on the Piazza San Marco, Serge meets Evelyn Nicholson, a twenty-three-year-old English beauty. He falls passionately in love with her and, as a result, starts neglecting his charming wife, Françoise, going so far as to consider divorcing her. But having a young fiery insatiable mistress is not without drawbacks


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