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As a gesture of gratitude, she sent him a high-quality diamond ring that he took a great deal of trouble to recut and set into an exquisite platinum bracelet. They made regular trips out of town as a couple, but life got more turbulent. Harris says she wrote songs and stories in her free time, and she and Almena started to make prank calls. The Prank War is a catalog of what she calls wisecracking, like the time Almena called a hotel chain to say he was King Kong and they put his suite on the top floor. The same week, he called a number he thought was Kardashian and heard the telltale Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello. There were fun stories about Prank War pranks, and Almena never didnt feel like he was laughing along with them.

Almena method touch typing crack

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And it was at this low point that Almena finally decided to be more honest with himself. At least, he said he was honest with himself, in the sincerity of his own internal dialogue. By 2010, he and Harris were married. He was still a weird guy, though; not in a bad way, like a Dick Butkus who thinks hes Wayne Gretzky and sometimes tries to fake it out. He was just a character, but in its way he was very convincing.

One day, in 2010, Almena received an email from a new friend, John Clark. Clark was a bearish Anglo-Canadian who was friends with SoCal skateboard legend Tom Lloyd. Clark was inviting him to come to Canada and live with him at a secret location in the woods, where theyd be free of all worldly troubles and could pursue visions without constraints. Would you ever be interested in moving out to Canada? Almena wrote to say he loved Clark, but he had a new wife. Could they do something online?


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