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Romantic Sex Night Ideas

Or, if you'd rather see things from the water, be it a water taxi or duck boat tour, this can be a fun date option (and some boats offer cocktails, as another plus!). Obviously this requires, you know, a sizable body of water. Alternative ideas for anyone who's landbound: kayaking or fishing at a local lake.

romantic sex night ideas

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If you're definitely not into the traditional first date thing, take a lighthearted sports bar approach to the date night with an outdoorsy game of badminton or beach volleyball. If it gets too hot out, retreat indoors for some board games or table tennis. This can also be a blast as a group activity or with fellow barmates.

No ambience is more romantic than the hush of a soft-lit aquarium. Stroll through the darkened rooms while you point out your favorite creatures behind the glass. Some aquariums offer interactive educational exhibits and teach guests eco-friendly ways to clean up the ocean, so you'll feel like you got something out of it.

Whether you live by an ocean, lake, or body of water, a day out on the sand is always a calming date spot if the weather's playing nice. If you're feeling it, rock a two-piece and offer to apply sunscreen. Soak in some sunshine near the water and as the day draws to a close, take a romantic stroll with the setting sun as an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Combine powers to form a dream team at trivia night. You'll laugh as you wrack your brains for city names and bond over your shared knowledge of obscure horror films. Plus, drinks are usually on the house if you both you end up winning.

How about a date that has been set up for you? The Metropolitan Museum of Art's new "Date Nights" give visitors an opportunity to become acquainted with artwork with informal drop-in gallery chats, the chance to listen in on gorgeous live music and sip on yummy cocktails. These "Date Nights" are held every Friday and Saturday nights in the American Wing Café from 5pm to 9pm. Even better, the date nights come with museum admission, which is always pay-what-you-wish for New York State residents and NY, NJ, and CT students with valid ID. And this time, advance tickets are not required.

Scavenger hunts are typically thought of as being more fitting for the family activities bucket list, but you can also enjoy them as an adult. For a special occasion or simply when you want to spice up your relationship a bit, you can take it up a notch by making it romantic, sexy and/or freaky.

Making new memories with your significant other can be one of the best ways to stay in tune and focused on keeping your relationship fun and intriguing. Whether dating, newly married or longtime lovebirds, there is an epic romantic escape awaiting you in Alpharetta, Georgia. Discover unique interests about each other along the way as you experience new adventures. You are guaranteed to find the perfect date night for you and your sweetheart in this beautiful, southern city.

You've heard of Muss & Turner's for great bites, but did you know about the hidden bar there? Head to the back of the restaurant and through the cooler door for a sweet escape - Eleanor's. We like it here for drinks before we head to our "main event" date night activity, but you could easily park yourself on a stool and enjoy an entire night chatting it up.

Skyline Park is fun with the kids in the daytime, but at night it's all about the adults. You'll take in great views of the city and smart cocktails, plus add a little old-school fun. Make it an entire night of it by eating at Nine Mile Station while you're there! And maybe even check out the rest of Ponce City Market while you're there.

Hands down, Gunshow Atlanta is my favorite restaurant in the state. And can a restaurant be "fun?" YES! I love the way guests make dim sum selections throughout the night..I love the rolling drink cart...I love the community tables...and if you want something super special, then visit during the monthly Hired Guns event. Here's what I said for USAToday:

If you're feeling more "mountains" than "motor oil" then go north for a stay in a romantic tiny house or treehouse. A bottle of bubbly, a few candles...what else do you need? We also love these cute cabins from Getaway House.

Matildas Music Under the Pines. Bring a picnic spread (including wine!) while you listen at Matildas. You might also want to bring your own lawn chairs, though there is seating for those who get there early. Dogs on a leash are also welcome. Here are more Alpharetta ideas.

Fresh Air Hiking. You can take a short hike and relax together...but Dan and I love to take date night times to do those hikes that our kids can not yet do...Yonah Mountain or Tray Mountain are great ideas.

Farmers Market. Find the right market and you'll see demonstrations, get food samples and more! Dip into the grocery fund a little and you could go home with a wealth of veggies for a great date night dinner.

Wrecking Bar Bloody Mary. Wrecking Bar is the coziest of winter date night options for dinner (or even just drinks!) But if you are doing an "overnighter" together, then hitting them up for brunch is a MUST. The Bloody Mary is the best in the city - I adore the stout pour-over. It will warm you from the inside!

Hike Inn. Hike into the mountains for an overnight at this rustic retreat in the mountains. The morning sunrise experience is everything! Looking for a way to celebrate the wilderness without exerting so much effort? Try Amicalola Lodge at the same state park.

Revery VR Bar: It's a cocktail's a VR's hella fun! Only for 21+ so no kids to contend with. Each party has their own, private space, and there is a live DJ in the late night.

Lake Oconee. Take a ride on gorgeous Lake Oconee, with your own boat or with a rental. I recommend making it an over-night and renting a cottage in the luxury resort community of Reynolds Lake Oconee.

SkyView. SkyView is not just for tourists; it's ultra romantic too...especially late night. It stays open until midnight (bonus, shorter lines!) Then grab a room at Embassy Suites, with awesome views of the Ferris wheel.

Orange Beach, Alabama. What's more romantic that the beach? We love the Alabama Beaches for a date night weekend. And whatever you do, don't miss dinner at Voyagers (so fancy and good!) and a Bloody Mary brunch at The Ruby Slipper. More on the best eats here.

This one takes a bit of an investment but your family will reap the benefits all summer long. Set up a projector on a blank wall in your backyard and have an al fresco movie night complete with popcorn and comfy blankets.

Dig through your bathroom cabinets for moisturizer, face masks, and any other beauty product you may have been saving for someday. Put on robes, slice up some cucumbers and lemons to make spa water, and have a night of relaxation.

Music-loving couples have no shortage of options for a musical night out, especially when it comes to live jazz. You can catch weekly jazz sessions Thursday nights at VINIA Wine & Kitchen in Winter Park, and Sunday nights at Pilars in Downtown Winter Garden, just to name a few.

Watching a sunset is already quite romantic. Why not take it up a notch with a leisurely kayak tour in a clear kayak? After launching at Dinky Dock, a Get Up and Go Kayaking tour guide will lead you through the scenic canals linking Lake Virginia, Lake Osceola, and Lake Maitland, all part of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.

Taking flight on The Wheel at ICON Park, complete with two glasses of champagne, has a romantic proposal written all over it (take note). Partake in the ICON Park attraction's sky bar experience by picking up two drinks at the deck bar before your flight. You can make any ticket a sky bar experience by grabbing a drink of your choice before your ride, including wine and champagne.

Experts think that a regular date night could be beneficial to the quality of any relationship. Spending quality time with your other half means that you can enjoy better communication, create valuable memories, and even develop stronger bonds.

Make sure that you pick an isolated spot if you want to get rude out in public. Start the night be doing something normal, like having a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, then work up to getting a little frisky in the dark as you walk home through the park.

One of the best ways to transform your sexy date night ideas, is to surprise your partner. Coming home from work, expecting the same old evening, then being shocked with a fully-planned romantic date night is an absolute delight.

Begin your day with a romantic rendezvous in the bedroom, then head out for sundaes afterwards, and go for a stroll along the beach. Wake your partner up with something sexy and let the rest of the day play out naturally.

Lube can be such a savior on those dry days. But the right product can also take your sexy night to a whole new level. Order a bottle that heightens sensations and makes you tingle at every touch, or find one that is hot enough for a massage. Your partner and your private parts will thank you.

Do you like when your partner takes complete control over you? Or do you enjoy being the dominatrix in bed? Use this idea on your next sex night at home to create a game of power between you and your partner. Other toys to up the kink factor include nipple clamps and whips.

Threesomes are so fun and so pleasurable. Find a stranger or a mutual friend whom you and your partner find attractive to join in on your next sex night. A warning before you start: you and your partner must both be comfortable with the idea of a threesome and have set limits on the boundaries beforehand.

While out on a date, excuse yourself to go to the toilet. When you get back, discreetly hand your panties to your partner, giving them an idea of what is waiting for them when you two arrive home. Keep dropping hints throughout the night or let them discreetly cop a feel of your bare parts every now and then to keep the excitement going.

Send your partner a few sexts throughout the day to make them eager for their night with you. Tell them what you sexy thing you want to do that night in bed or send a suggestive picture. They will think about you for the rest of the day, with their anticipation running wild.


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