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Be the boss of your diabetes!

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Just want to share my diagnosis story with you 📖...At age 10 I developed type 1 diabetes. It was strange because I was super active and my mum was a dietitian (we didn't eat many sweets) so "how could I have diabetes."

There was a local diabetes support group but there was nothing about mental health and accepting the disease. I went through the emotions of feeling different, denial, scared, annoyed, embarrassed and lost myself in it. I definitely pushed my body to the breaking point😏...errrr...I'm surprised I'm still alive after my college days. There were times too, I thought I couldn't do certain things like run in a race or even become a mother.

There is a vulnerability that comes with diabetes and with this you can find courage and joy. You may have to try a little harder or go after things that you think are impossible; but every time you do this, it gets a little easier.

Think back about when you were diagnosed with diabetes - were there any feelings, emotions, pushback, fears, questions??


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